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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Ji Won 김지원Female/South Korea Groups :iconays-hosts: AYS-Hosts
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ILGB: Aurelia Bancroft by jiunnie
ILGB: Aurelia Bancroft
o god forgive me lord for not being able to draw animals //howtoeven the cat looks like a proper cat now LOL
it's almost 7 am here woowhee my hand is killing me I swear I'll fix this app and input info later


                                                                        :iconillegibilus: :iconillegibilus: :iconillegibilus:

           ☪ P R O F I L E  
        • Name: Aurelia Cerys Bancroft
        • Age: 16
        • Gender: Female 
        • Height: 5'3" | 160 cm
        • Weight: 113 lbs  51 kg
        • Birthday: Aug. 21rst
        • Nationality: British
        • Blood Status: Pureblood

        • House: Ravenclaw
        • Year: Fifth
        • Wand Ingredients - 
            - Core: Dragon Heartstring
            - Length: 10 3/4 inches
            - Wood: Rowan
            - Flexibility: Slightly Yielding

        • Spells:
                -Silencio: Silences the victim, preventing any form of vocalization. Can be used to disrupt powerful magic that requires a verbal component.
                -Stupefy: Debate rages as to whether this is a charm, a jinx, or a hex - but it is considered one of the basic dueling spells. It temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.
                -Protego Totalum: Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses. The strength of this spell is directly connected to the skill and talent of the wizard, and stronger versions can protect against very advanced curses - or even reflect failed jinxes back against the attacker. Other advanced uses of the spell include protecting an area from outside harm (Protego Totalum); there are as many advanced variations as there are wizards to think them up.
                -Expelliarmus: Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully. Disarming Charms are mutually off-setting - when cast against eachother, they generally deflect. The Disarming Charm is also an effective counter to many spells.
                -Episkey: A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries. More serious afflictions require greater magic.

        • Personality: competitive as hell, intelligent, logical, lack of emotion, skeptical, inflexible, reliable, observant, can come off as aloof or cold but she's not really; she just doesn't express herself as much as other peeps do --TBA

        • Background: COMING SOON

        • Family: COMING SOON

        • Likes: archaeology | sci-fi/fantasy novels | mystery movies | chess | muggle history | puzzles | cats | butterflies | quidditch | drawing

        Disikes: country music | toads | ants | beetles | guinea pigs | plush animals | horror movies | people with no manners | swimming

        • Elective Classes: 
            - Study of Ancient Runes
            - Arithmancy

        • Extra Curricular
            - Hogwarts Orchestra (flute)
            - Ghoul Studies

        • Pet:
            - Name: Artemis
            - Species: Bombay Cat
            - Gender: Male
            - Personality: TBA

        • Achievements: (Optional)
            - Badges and Trophies earned
  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?

      Four years.
  • What does your username mean?

        It has the first part of my name "Ji" and then since I'm Korean, I used the pronoun of what a girl would call a sister/older girl: "unnie."
  • Describe yourself in three words.

        Outgoing| Passionate | Procrastinator| 
  • Are you left or right handed?

  • What was your first deviation?

      Who's Heart? The Devil or Us? by jiunnie //looks away in embarrassment
  • What is your favourite type of art to create?

      Digital Art.
  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

        Traditional Painting.
  • What was your first favourite?

        Oh crap, I have too many favorites-- I have to go all the way back sdafhhlksd Okay so the first deviation I favourited is in storage so the next thing I favourited was 
        eternity close up by xXCheshire-Nero
  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

            Digital Art (Surprise, surprise~)
  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

            ......FML I have too many sdhfskd since I can't pick one I'll list a few in no specific order: yuumei, Selenada, tknk, shilin, Artgerm, sakimichan, dCTb, inshoo1, viria13, Cushart, juhaihai, JDarnell AAANND tons more but I have to limit myself or I'll fill up this darn page--
  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

          koppin, Boba-MilkTeanoonalu, Hourglass34 and anyone on the list above ^
  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

  • What are your preferred tools to create art?

            Wacom Bamboo Tablet | Paint Tool SAI | Pencil/Pen and Paper
  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

            My room or the basement listening to Kpop or whatever great playlist I find on Songza/YouTube/Spotify but anywhere with a desk always gets the gears turnin'
  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

            Aha, I have tons! Most of them are from dA groups because that was where I strengthened my bonds with the current friends I have now! :iconda-fantasia: was where I first found my group of dA friends. It was only a few of us who got super close and then we joined rp groups right, left, and center kekeke
        :iconays-hosts: is also a place where I befriended a peep which led to :iconningyo-no-kaigan: - was where I also made many memories (RPING WAS HELLA) and a super awesome buddy!!
  • Listening to: Worse Things Than Love - Timeflies
  • Reading: Doppelganger Love
  • Watching: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Playing: School Love Live

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