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So yeah...I forgot to mention I was in a hiatus for a month now ahhahah //smacked
Find me on Skype or facebook if you need me~ :iconluvluvplz:
NaCo: Aine by jiunnie
NaCo: Aine

I got dragged by friends gais //i'm so sorry for so many rp group app OTL


   Áine Valentine (Pronounced Awnya)






   125 lbs.






Quiet but not Timid | Shameless | Straightforward | Messy | Sacrificial | Loyal | Open-Minded | Cooperative

Áine is quite the oddball. She doesn’t talk much and people misjudge her as the lonely, shy girl, when really - she’s the opposite. She isn’t timid and making friends is something she really likes. Her..uh confidence is over the bounds of an average person which results in making others uncomfortable. Shameless and tactless, you can be sure that Áine will say/do things at the most inappropriate times. Not the type to beat around the bush, the girl will say what’s what and what’s not. Blunt and not ashamed of at all what she says. Someone could ask if they look nice in their new hairdo, and girl, if you do not look nice - you’ll know.  

The girl gets attached to materialistic items easily...and when I mean attached, she’ll try and get everything that’s related to it. But that’s not all, she doesn’t organize/clean very well so everything she buys/receives/finds, it’ll all end up “somewhere” in her room. Obsessive and with an added plus, childish, Áine is the type to always get the last word in stupid arguments or take her a revenge on someone who did her wrong. If you don’t give her something she asks of, she’ll make sure she remembers it and when they need it, she’ll give them the same treatment. Yeah, she’s cheap like that.

Although she may have a not-so charming side to her, Áine is very loyal to the ones who have earned her trust and willing to give her life for the greater good. The girl is easy to get along with due to her open-minded and go-with-the-flow personality. She’s flexible and adapts well to sudden change, which gives her an advantage in team fights. She synergizes well with her squad and adjusts to their needs. Cooperative and dependable, she usually does not go all in into a fight and waits for the right timing to deal the greatest damage.


   + Mythologies

   + Libraries/bookstores

   + Clubbing

   + Cool looking accessories


   - Bitter food

   - Getting hot (what is this thing called sweating how unattract)

   - Insects

   - Elevators


    Áine Valentine was not born into riches or glory. She was a burden to her parents, the only child of a young couple in the poor streets of Velmist. Her father barely held his job because of his alcohol addiction and her mother did nothing but to keep herself clinging onto the worthless man that she called a husband. Most of the money that her dad earned was what her mother used to keep her youthful appearance. The rest went to feeding the family scraps. One meal, once a day which consisted of a bowl of rice porridge and one boiled egg, maybe even a few baby carrots. It was a miracle that the young girl survived her infant years. Áine knew that her family was broken - just like the doll she had found in a trash can. As soon as she turned seven years old, her mother sent her out of the house: “If you don’t bring me at least five gedda today, don’t even think about coming home!”

    So her days of doing odd-jobs here and there began. At the start, it was very hard for her to even earn one gedda. No one would hire her; everyone was already poor around the area, they had nothing to spare. Thus, the girl walked a distance to get to the better side of town. Many pitied the young girl with the dirty rag she wore and her grubby face; passer-bys spared Áine their change. She did for a few years before she decided to venture even further - to the wealthy men and women.

    They didn’t give her a second look and if they did, it was out of disgust. It was the opposite reaction she had thought she would receive. She ended up crying because a bunch of rich young boys started picking on her. Suddenly, a middle-aged man ran out of a bookstore, yelling something that scared the boys away. He looked at her and smiled, offering his hand. The one act of kindness that day brought tears to her eyes once more and a close friendship blossomed that day.

    Áine visited the bookstore everyday to help the man with small jobs and he paid her well. It was sometimes even more than what her father brought back home. As the girl matured, she got fed up with her parents and walked out with the few belongings she had at the age of thirteen - never looking back. After a bit of walking, she found herself at the old man’s bookstore. With determination, she demanded that the man give her a place to stay and told him that she would work for the food. With a gentle smile, the man agreed. His home was above the bookstore and he gave her the spare room he had. He treated her as a real daughter; she realized she never got his name although he had asked hers. She had always called him “old man.”

    “What’s your name?”


Time passed and Arthur and Áine lived peacefully. He told her stories of Old Eden; what their world used to look like until the Aragami came. She read books about it; she found the subject interesting. Obsessive to find a solution to her craving of knowledge, the girl found a way to relieve it: Nathair Co. With a lonely yet proud smile, Arthur let Áine find out what the surface had for her as she signed up for the company.

God Arc: "Lorelai" | Excalibur

   A long sword/assault gun.


   + Adapts well to surroundings and the needs of her team

   + Has great defensive skills

  + Heavy, powerful blows are her specialty


   - Not very agile and slow to escape

   - Hard to regenerate power so she’s usually the final blow of a battle

   - Pushes herself too hard and runs out of stamina


Squad: Tomate Wirbelsturm

Alaric Nils Kronenberg | "Al"  

The Trinity of the squad and the squad's unofficial leader. It seems that he is intrigued by her? She doesn’t understand what is so very interesting about her in the aspect that she needs to be observed often but, it’s nothing that she minds about. They met through Lin and hit off pretty well. Alaric has Áine’s respect for handling situations smoothly in and out of battle. Likes to call him old sometimes to tease him and visits him frequently at the library.

Linda Bathory | "Lin"

The Loki of the squad and the closest to a younger sibling she’ll ever have. She feels very protective over the young girl and cares for her well being. They met at the club Áine visits frequently and Lin handed her a wad of cash with the agreement that she be her friend. It was odd but she agreed; free money and an interesting person to talk to. Somehow, they got along very quickly and became close friends. Usually doesn’t like it when Lin pays for her things and spends it carelessly. Tried to teach her how to be frugal once and showed her what coupons were - didn’t work. She has a weird habit of slapping people with wads of cash.

Jaspar Kattan | "Jazz"

The squad's other eccentric Excalibur, the more attack-first-think-later sort of type. They get along well off the field, thanks to their closeness in age and, to an extent, personality. When Jaspar deigns to listen to strategy , their teamwork is unparalleled – they seem to have a somewhat uncanny ability to locate and balance one another. He’s usually the one to hit the first blow and Áine deals the final hit.


  • Natural hair is dark brown.

  • Never on time, at least five minutes late

  • Has an impressive memory

  • She doesn’t like to follow trends and likes to be individualistic

  • Procrastinates like she’s got the world in her hands

  • Has fairy wing tattoos across her back and shoulder blades


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