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♚ i n t r o d u c t i o n ♚

Hallo thar~ Pleased to meet you! The name's Ji Won but please call me Ji-chan ヘ(°¬°)

안녕하새용~ 만나서 반갑습니다! 이름은 지원이라고 해요~<3


♚ Recommended Books ♚

Hai~! I'm just going to list some books I really like so far and a little bit of their summary! I'll add a few sentences to describe them in my own words in brackets! Hope you people just peep at them, maybe even pick one up and read it if you have time!

  • False Impression by Jeffrey Archer
    • Summary by St. Martin's Press: A riveting thriller - Jeffrey Archer's first in eight years. Young art consultant Anna Petrescu is in the wrong place at the wrong time when the owner of a priceless Van Gogh is murdered. The only way Anna can protect the painting is to steal it herself. A whirlwind chase begins, with Anna and the painting as the targets - and both the FBI and a lethal assassin getting closer by the minute. (It's exciting, quite suspenseful and there's a slip of a good romance :icontuzkiyesplz:)
  • At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks
    • Summary by Warner Books: There are a handful of things Jeremey Marsh was sure he'd never do: leave New York, fall in love again, become a father. Yet here he is, living in a tiny Southern town, about to marry and start a family. Just as his life settles into a blissful pattern, a disturbing anonymous e-mail arrives to turn everything upside down. An unforgettable tale of the love between a man and a woman, and a parent and a child. ( fsdkljsd Heartwarming, and it makes you think what you would do in situations like of those that happen in the novel. Lots of tearful moments :iconallmytearplz:)
  • Cover Your Assets by Patricia Smiley
    • Summary by Mysterious Press: Evan Brice was the love of Tucker Sinclair's life until her best friend Cissy stole him away. Now Evan has been murdered, and Cissy has the nerve to ask Tucker for help sorting things out. But Evan was leading a secret life, and the police start looking at Cissy as their prime suspect. Will Tucker be able to protect her onetime friend? A smart, sassy mystery from a talented new voice. (Makes you think you know the answer but NOPE, all twists and turns :iconoyeaplz:)
  • Autumn Blue by Karen Harter
    • Summary By Center Street: Single mother Sidney Walker needs help. She has three kids to raise, and they are more than she can handle by herself. Her retired neighbor, Millard Bradbury, simply wants to be left alone instead of having his life meddled in by his overbearing daughter. When their lives intersect, Sidney and Millard learn that maybe the things they need the most are the ones they least expect. A warm, engaging family drama. (Inspiring, touching and dramatic. A favorite on my list :iconallmyloveplz:)
  • Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child
    • Summary by Delacorte Press: Lee Child's explosive new thriller begins in a helicopter high above the California desert. A man - a former army colleague of freelance investigator Jack Reacher - is sent free-falling to his death. When Reacher learns of the murder, he calls on his old military unit to join him to avenge the crime. And in a world where Jack Reacher decides you're the enemy, you'd better be ready for a big dose of bad luck and trouble. (This book is a definition of a "thriller." It always made me ask "What's going to happen next?" Lots of fighting and actions by the way :iconamgtouchplz:)
  • Tallgrass by Sandra Dallas
    • Summary by St. Martin's Press: In times of turmoil, it may not be easy to recognize a real American - or a real hero. When the Japanese arrive at the internment camp at the old Tallgrass Ranch in Colorado in 1942, thirteen-year old Rennie Stroud and her family are not the only local folks suspicious of the newcomers. Soon Rennie's life is turned upside down as she discovers the darkest and best parts of the human heart right in her own home. (It starts a little slow but after you reach the drama, it'll keep coming to you in waves. A lot of unexpected outcomes and jaw-droppers :iconizayawinkplz:)
  • Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah
    • Summary by Ballantine Books: An extraordinary little girl appears one day in a small Washington town, her only companion a guardian worlf. She cannot - or will not - speak. Who is she? Child psychologist Julia Cates is called to free the girl from her lonely world of fear and isolation. A recent tragedy has left Julia herself in a place of troubling loneliness. And now she must find a way to reach out, into the soul of a lost, frightened child. A touching new drama from a Select Editions favorite. (One of the best books I've read so far, really stunning and empathetic story dfkjhlskajhf //crais :iconimcryingsohardplz: You know it's a good book when it makes you laugh and cry repeatedly by turning pages. Enjoyed it fully~!)
  • The Town That Came A-Courtin' by Ronda Rich
    • Summary by Berkley: Some folks think Abby Houston is the luckiest woman alive. The fiery Georgia redhead has vaulted from orbit writer to best-selling author. Indeed, she is fortune's favorite, except when it comes to love. Abby finally meets her match - and matchmakers - when she stumbles upon a Mississippi town called Bliss. These quirky, kindly townsfolk aren't about to let Abby leave without love in her hearts and Bliss in her soul. (KYAHHH Another favorite! Really fun and hilarious! A a smack dab of just the right amout of sdlfhdf mush. Loved it! :iconsokyutplz:) It's one of those books that I wish had a movie. And I know the perfect actors and actresses for the characters ahahahah //slapped I was thinking Abby be Scarlett Johansonn and her lover be Chris Evans :iconluvluvplz:

How do you judge? 

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